TANAKA TBC-340PFD Brush Cutter Review

No one really likes yard work. Even the landscaping companies who do it day in and day out are only really in it for the profits, and who can blame them? Average Joes and seasoned pros alike all get tired of mowing and trimming and all the rest of it at some point. But what if mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges is only as fun (or not) as the tools used to get the job done? If that’s the case, and the “work” in yard work is inversely proportional to tool quality and ease of use, then the Tanaka TBC-340PFD Dual-Handled Trimmer / Edger should turn a Saturday of lawn care into a day at the park – or at least see that your yard ends up looking like one! Read on to find out some pros and cons attached to the device.


“Safety first” is a good ethos to work by, so it should please prospective buyers to learn that the Tanaka-340PFD Dual-Handled Trimmer/Edger is equipped with multiple handles, providing a sure, even grip and the ability to precisely control one’s movements while edging, trimming, cutting, and so forth. Speaking of which, trimming is accomplished by way of a string-trimmer attachment (think “weed eater” style heads), while more strenuous and heavy-duty cutting may be performed through the use of the Tanaka TBC-340PFD’s nine-inch sawblade, a swappable head in its own right. The engine itself is a 32cc, low-emission, commercial-grade affair, which provides all the power a user could ever wish for or need, especially when that engine’s output is delivered through the smooth action of the machine’s stainless steel drive shaft.

For another way to look at it, consider that this machine weighs just north of fifteen pounds, yet manages to output 1.6 horsepower and carry 23.8 fluid ounces – 1.5 lbs. and change – of fuel, providing power enough for multiple applications, while still remaining compliant with environmental regulations in all fifty states in the USA. The Tanaka TBC-340PFD comes standard with heavy-duty anti-vibration technology built in, which means that both user and machine can stick around for the long haul. A two-year / seven-year warranty is also standard and applicable to commercial and home use respectively.


The Tanaka TBC-340PFD Dual-Handled Trimmer/Edger is a machine that’s high on pros and low on cons, but some cons do exist. Users have reported frayed and otherwise defective throttle cables. This may prevent the machine from powering / throttling down upon the cessation or reduction of applied power. This can present a minor annoyance at worst, and a severe safety risk at worst. Thankfully, the Tanaka corporation seems to have above-average customer service; replacement cables are easy to come by, and shouldn’t cost the end-user anything to procure. Still, it’s a real shame to see such an easily corrected oversight in product engineering mar what is, overall, a solid product. It also makes one wonder if this is the only defect a user might encounter in this product. Finally, a word about price. This is not necessarily something that fits in either the plus or minus column, but because of its expense, the average user may balk at first. The Tanaka TBC-340PFD retails for around $560 USD, with fluctuations of ten to twenty dollars, depending upon where and when you buy it. The good news, though, is that this is primarily an in-store, brick-and-mortar price. Prospective purchasers can find steep savings in several places if they’re willing to shop online.


Professional reviews, past users, and the Tanaka TBC-340PFD Dual-Handled Trimmer/Edger’s own stellar specifications and sterling track record show that this machine is well worth consideration, whether the prospective purchaser is a homeowner who just needs a reliable tool for residential application, or a commercial customer whose needs are more exacting. The fact that this offering from the Tanaka company is designed along commercial-grade specifications means that no matter the setting, this machine should treat its owner well for years to come, provided that adequate care is taken in maintenance of the equipment itself. The verdict? It’s simple. If you find yourself in need of a new tool for the purposes discussed, you could do much worse than the Tanaka TBC-340PFD Dual-Handled Trimmer/Edger.

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