The Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter: A Review

Ah, summertime. Warm breezes, the come-hither scent of steaks on the grill, and… landscaping? That’s right, landscaping. There are plenty of folks in the world who take great pride in and care with their lawns, treating them like museum exhibits or works of art. There are also plenty of people who see lawn care and related tasks as something to flee from, like visits to the dentist or a Nickelback album. Whichever group you happen to find yourself a part of, there is good news to be had: How much tasks like this feel like work is directly inverted against the quality of the tools one possesses, and it just so happens that this is a review of that very thing: A quality tool. In other words, if your tools suck, so will the job they’re meant to help you complete… or not, if you’re prudent. The fact is, there are plenty of great tools out there for whatever your job may be, the Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter among them. Read on to discover what it is exactly that makes this tool so great.


The Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter is a very adaptable, very versatile machine, and as such, it is capable of cutting through everything from grass to more robust brush networks. For all its power, though, it is still capable of fine, close-in edge work and trimming, should the need arise. Powered by a 1.1 horsepower, 25cc engine, smooth energy transfer is accomplished by way of this tool’s shaft architecture. We’ll get back to that in the next section. Fuel capacity is rated at just under seventeen ounces – 16.91 oz., to be precise. Depending upon the experience and preferences of the individual user, weight may be an issue, as this machine clocks in at 9.9 pounds before the addition of the various heads and attachments required for trimming, cutting, and other tasks, plus fuel. To help alleviate concerns and reassure potential customers, a harness comes standard, and is suitable for use with the Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter in all its applications. Another notch in this machine’s win column is its one of a kind anti-vibration technology, which ensures a smooth, comfortable work experience for the user. A final point in this tool’s favor is its generous warranty – two years is standard and requires no action post-purchase, while extensions of up to four total years are also available. Extensions are granted on the condition that the consumer purchases a qualifying amount of fuel / pre-mix with their 223R and/or registers the product online.


Every tool has its downsides and drawbacks along with its desirable features, and the Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter is no exception. Although reports by other users are generally favorable when it comes to usage and workflow, the machine takes big hits in terms of assembly and materials quality. Many users have reported that the Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter is difficult and/or confusing to assemble, with the manual offering little in the way of constructive guidance. In addition, the machine itself is, according to some reports, cheap-feeling, as if made from low-quality plastic. Others have said that it is a machine prone to low lifespans and high failure rates. To be fair, such reports are sporadic, and should not be considered the norm. Speaking of materials quality, however, let’s return to the drive shaft issue from earlier. The shaft itself is… mysterious. Not even the Husqvarna website tells you what it’s made of, unless “straight” is now a raw material. Individual reports vary, with some claiming the shaft is made of an unspecified metal. Others swear it’s flexible cable, and the 223R’s own manual dodging the question altogether by simply advising the customer to “grease the shaft regularly”. This seems a glaring oversight, and a needless one at that.


Finally, let’s talk price. It deserves its own section simply because the issue of budget is subjective, and opinions on what’s expensive and what isn’t vary as widely as the individual customer. The Husqvarna 223R Brush-Cutter’s suggested price is $300 USD, and that’s pretty much the amount for which customers will find it listed, regardless of where they choose to shop. Still, it should be noted that some retailers will mark the product up, and that bargains – small ones, mind you – can be had if one is willing to dig for them.

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  1. Definitely “cheap” materials. Manual is total disaster and beyond confusing. Parts were missing when delivered. Summary POS.

    Mike C

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