Husqvarna 223R Review

SHow we evaluate brush cutters can be found here.

The 223R is another entrant from Swedish powerhouse Husqvarna.

This model is in the premium section. It boasts a  standard two-stroke engine with a straight shaft.  The engine is CARB-Compliant, which out of the box might need little adjustment with a carburetor spline tool.

The motor displaces 25 cm³ and puts out 1.1 hp.  Noise wise, this is 98 decibles at the ear.

The shaft is straight. Managing this beast is done by a two handle bike bar set up.  This is our preferred set up for a brush cutter, as it allows better control over in big jobs.  In the box is a two strap harness, standard.

No one complained that the box was damaged. It came all of its parts. When it comes to assembling these guys, I’m betting that the Husky technical writers were classmates with the folks over at Ikea.  It’s somewhat intuitive, but not necessarily easy.


Starting – There is a big difference in the earlier reviews of the products where many users complained that it was hard to start.  The later reviews remark on how easy it was to start.  The hallmark of modern weed whackers is easy start.  We just assumed that that each iteration of the model is slightly better than the last.  When these things fail to start, or the line does not retract – there is usually an issue with the pulley.  We have not torn one down to see if the pulley is made of plastic, but too much strength on a plastic pulley has felled many a string trimmer.

Cutting brush – When it comes to brush cutting,  most found that this unit did not bog down until it hit the burliest of saplings and brambles.  The real issue is that the blade gets dull.  Switching to a different blade is probably the best fix for that. A beaver blade, a set of Renegades or a Tri-blade are good options.

The in the box blade  is more of a grass blade and a brush cutter.  When it comes to trimming the grass, the bump head works but this is primarily a brush cutter.  If you do multi-task, you should buy line when you order this unit.

Coverage –  People were able to work easily their backyards, and go all the way up to 4 acres. This is made possible by the harness.  The harness makes it easy for people of various shapes and sizes get to work.  And a usage tip, 1) put on harness, 2) start machine, 3) attach machine to harness.

Fuel – With respect to fuel economy many were able to get 30 minutes for the tank. Of course this will vary based on the sort of thing that you’re cutting.  Longer for weaker grass and less for harder saplings. This is not the best fuel economy in the class in fact it is one of the worst.

Overheating – Running any string trimmer in the heat of summer opens up the possibility of overheating.  A well designed unit will avoid that.  Doing the research, we could not find evidence of rampant overheating with the 223R.

Long Term, Warranty, and Service – The standard 2 year warranty applies.  We looked for typical repairs needed, but did not find any that warrant special comment.


As brush cutters go, the 223R is one of the better ones out there.  The straight shaft, double harness, and bicycle bars puts the unit in our upper echelon.  Not being able to track down obvious issues, also raises the profile of this unit.

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