Black And Decker LCC150 Review

B&D LCC 150

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The Black and Decker LCC150 has a lithium ion battery that gives you a maximum of 40 volts. The battery has a longer lifespan and provides you with high quality service for a very long period of time.

It features a charge indicator that enables you to know the capacity of the battery when using it. You also get a lithium battery pack providing you with current of 2.0 amperes per hour.

The battery pack gives you 30% more run time for every battery pack so as to ensure that you don’t run out of power until you have fully completed your task.

The system that provides you with a nominal Voltage of 40 v Max to 36 v can also work with other lithium tools that give you 40 v Max and 36v.

Basically, the unit has about two tools in one unit. The trimmer can easily undergo conversion into an edger, that is able to cut along driveways and sidewalks to give you a manicured, clean appearance.

The string trimmer, is able to get the job done faster because of the PowerDrive Transmission, that provides you with more cutting power. It is also worth noting down that it has a cutting swath of about 13 inches.

The PowerCommand dial gives you the option of choosing between maximum power, that is able to cut through thick weeds and maximum runtime, to save power and increase battery life.

The Black and Decker LCC150 , has an Automatic Feed Spool, that ensures you get minimal bumping and also prevents constant breaks as you work. You don’t have to stop so that you can adjust the spool. This ensures that you take very little time to complete your work.

It has a powerful and light sweeper to easily clear any debris that may be present in hard surfaces like decks, patios, garages, walks and also drives. The unit is light in weight and only weighs about 4.7 pounds . This makes it quick and easy for you to blow debris off and also ensures that your operation is quiet because of the presence of a low noise design.

The sweeper also has Power Command controls that give you the option of either using maximum power or maximum runtime, that increases your battery life.

It also helps in reducing your carbon footprint because it doesn’t release any emissions in your yard.

Features Of The Product
Before you purchase any product, it is very important for you to make sure you fully understand its features. Below are the features of this product .

– It has a sweeper and a 13 inch trimmer.
– The sweeper is powerful and light so as to clear debris easily from any hard surfaces.
– It has one lithium ion battery offering 40V Max and an extended runtime of about 2.0 amperes per hour.
– The trimmer has the ability to easily convert into an edger, so as to easily cut along driveways and sidewalks.
– The nominal voltage ranges between 40v Max to 36v, and the system is capable of working with other 40v Max and 36v lithium tools.

Clear Details Of The Product
Below are some of the notable details of this product.
– It is manufactured by Black and Decker Outdoor
– Its shipping weight is about 13.6 pounds.
– The dimensions of the product is 13 inches by 43.3 inches by 7 inches.

The Black and Decker LCC150 , provides you with quick, efficient and high quality service to ensure that you always complete your task on time.

Ryobi RY40210 Review

What you need to know about Ryobi RY40210 cordless string cutter.

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Weight: 13.35 pounds

Product Dimensions: 8 x 10 x 42 inches

Battery Voltage: 40 volts

Manufacturer: Ryobi

Model Number: RY40210


Currently, there are more people who prefer electric-powered tools to gas-powered alternatives. If you intend to purchase a string trimmer soon, consider the environmental-friendliness of one that is electric-powered. Below is an insight into what the Ryobi RY40210 cordless string trimmer has to offer. In other words, get a good grasp of its pros and cons before you head on to making a purchase.


You will find it very easy to assemble the Ryobi RY40210. It has an intuitive design and although you can easily troubleshoot a problem by reading its user manual, you will be able to assemble most of its parts without instruction. With the Connexion Attachment System, it is possible to transform the string trimmer into a pole pruner, an edger or a hedge trimmer.


Ryobi RY40210 is a single line cutter. Most homeowners prefer single line trimmers because unlike their dual line counterparts, you will have less hassle dealing with a spool which gets knotted to fast. If you are a newbie to string trimmers, you might be inclined to think that a dual-line cutter has better functionality. You should, however, note that they are not very popular because most of them are inconveniencing.

Is it a bump head or an automatic feed?

It is an automatic feed cutter; this means that it sends out more line when the string gets shorter in order to advance. These cutters are apparently becoming more popular than bump head trimmers because you do not have to focus on the length of its string while working. However, note that it would be very difficult to deal with the automatic mechanism should the cutter’s mortar jam.


Does the Ryobi RY40210 offer a pleasant user experience? At, 13.3 pounds after assembly, it is honestly lightweight. You can trim or use it for other tasks without burning out so quickly. Again, with its lightweight build, this is something that can be used by anyone regardless of how often they pay visits to the gym. Something else a good cordless trimmer should possess is reliability in its balance. Most of the people who have used it agree that it is a little bit nose-heavy but all the same, it has good balance. Just in case you are interested in the details, it has the mortar at its head and the battery in the back to help with balancing.


To say that a cordless string trimmer is convenient, it has got to have a battery that lasts for a considerably long period of time. Ryobi RY40210 is one of the best in its league gauged on this aspect. The battery takes two hours to reach full charge and won’t need you to stop and recharge if you are going to work on a modest ¼ acre lawn.

Bottom Line

They Ryobi RY40210 cordless string cutter has grown very popular with homeowners since its release. You will have nothing to miss if you are upgrading from a gas-powered cutter. It has got power, great ergonomics and would you believe that its battery life extends beyond the time you take to refill your gas trimmer?

Black and Decker LC3K220 Review

The Black and Decker LC3K220 Is a Valuable Yard Care Set For Your Use

The Black and Decker LC3K220 combo kit contains a variety of pieces for your yard. It features a trimmer, sweeper and hedge cutter. These are all powered with a series of rechargeable batteries that are easy to add onto each individual item within the product.




The battery used for each item is a 20V lithium ion battery. Two of these batteries are included in the set.

The individual parts in the LC3K220 set weigh around ten pounds each. These parts are designed with strong handles that are easy to carry around. the items are clearly made with the weight being centered on the base and it can take a bit for a person to figure out how to hold onto the trimmer items. However, after a bit of training, it should be very easy for the user to handle it.

Assembly Points

The trimmer set is easy to assemble. You can add the battery onto the base on any of the three devices that it comes with. The charging unit is especially easy to work with.

The individual items are also assembled with care. Each comes with parts that can be screwed on quickly as needed. The blade materials can also be fixed up and cleaned off with relative ease.

The Cutting Line

The cutting head works with a single line that moves quickly along a surface. The trimmer and hedge butter but use just one direction for how cuts are to work. When used right, it should be very easy for the cutting process to work out right.

The automatic feed is especially important to see here. This allows the cutting feature to stay consistent as it will quickly move along a surface with ease. If used properly, it should be rather easy for the cutting process to work to the user’s demands.

Battery Life

The battery can last for close to an hour on a full charge. This is based on the battery working with the trimming items at full power. It takes about eight hours for it to charge. Still, the charge will last about five times longer than that of what 18-volt NiCad batteries that are similar to it use.

How Strong Is It?

When used properly, this Black and Decker trimmer set will work wonders for a home. It will help with a variety of surfaces as it can cut evenly and get close to many tight spaces that are often hard to trim.

This does work best when it is used with a full charge though. If the battery is not properly charged, it might be easy for the unit to wear out and stop working as well as it should. This is a point to look into when it comes to getting this appealing trimmer set to work according to one’s overall needs.


The Black and Decker LC3K220 should be useful for all the general trimming needs that one might hold. When used right, it will be very easy for anyone to get a yard trimmed around and cut as well as needed.

Black and Decker LST136V Review

Known for indomitable appliances and power tools, Black and Decker string trimmers have been added to the list of high quality products that make your life easier. This latest line of electric weed eaters will help keep the surroundings free from carbon emissions while getting the job done. And this is where the Black and Decker LST136W string trimmer comes in.

Here are some of the features and specifications of the string trimmer:

Battery System and Light Weight Design

This electric lawn and garden equipment is easy to assemble and features a 40-Volt Lithium Battery System that is compatible with other 40V MAX tools such as sweeper, lawn vacuum, etc. The battery can last up to about 30 minutes when run on the highest power setting and for about one hour when run on the lowest power level setting. The trimmer also features a light weight design (weighing only 7.08lb with the battery installed); this is average weight for a battery-powered weed wacker, and much lighter than a gas engine trimmer.

Adjustable Shaft and Dual Function

The 13-inch cordless trimmer comes with an adjustable shaft height, allowing the user to adjust its height to a comfortable level, saving your arms or back from unnecessary pain. The equipment also has a rotating head that allows it to be converted into an edger, while a built in guide helps keep your edging even and straight, and flips up out of the way when the equipment is in trimming mode. This dual function saves time and eliminates the need for multiple tools.

Single Line Cutting Head and Automatic Feed

The LST136W string trimmer uses a single line cutting head and the company recommends using a string 0.065” in diameter when you need a replacement. The electric trimmer features an automatic line feed system. The system uses centrifugal force to mete out more lines when needed. This eliminates the need to keep bumping it against the ground to advance the line. The line will advance when it encounters resistance as you trim the grass.

Trimming Power

This trimmer allows the user to choose the level of power needed to get the task done faster and more efficiently. The PowerCommand dial is used to choose between max power (8500 RPM) to trim thick weeds and max runtime (6500 RPM) to increase battery life. The Power-Drive Transmission design offers more cutting force.

The LST136W from Black and Decker strikes an excellent balance between performance, power, effectiveness, affordability and battery longevity.


Black and Decker backs up the LST 136W with a 3-year warranty. The warranty covers materials and defective parts. The equipment comes also with a user manual that takes you through the easy-to-assemble instructions. The procedure of replacing the string pool and other things are also included.


If you are in the market for a quiet, emission free, electric powered weed trimmer, the Black and Decker LST 136W is the deal. With its wide cutting path of 13 inches, automatic line feed, variable power settings, you can trim your lawn or garden with the harmful emissions and weight of a gas powered trimmer.


Core CGT400 Trimmer: The best weed-eater


Having a beautiful garden or lawn is the desire of every homeowner. However, a beautiful garden without proper tools for its maintenance is of less use. Purchasing a good weed-eater is important in ensuring that the garden is maintained in its best condition.

The Core CGT400 Trimmer is a reliable weed-eater and has many advantages over other weed whackers. The battery powered string trimmer is lighter than gas powered whackers. It weighs 8 pounds without a power cell and around 11 pounds when the power cell is installed. With this weight, the whacker is preferred to other hefty weed-eaters though there are still people who find it a little heavy for them. It comes with a high energy power cell that can produce 20.7 volts. This energy is comparable to that of two cycle engines commonly used for some professional and consumer outdoor power equipment.

Is it easy to assemble?

Assembling the Core CGT400 Trimmer involves simple steps. Use the Core power charger supplied together with the trimmer to charge the 20.7V power cell. A 1 hour Rapid charger or 3 hour standard Charger is available. When you connect the charger to the power source, the red and green LED’s will turn on. After connecting the power cell to the charger, the green LED will turn to orange indicating that the charger is ready to supply charge to the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the orange LED will turn to green again. Disconnect the battery from the charger.

Install the power cell correctly into the matching cavity in the rear of the upper cowling of the trimmer. Make sure the “TOP” label on the battery faces upwards. The locking latch will produce a clicking sound when the battery is properly installed.

At times you may need to remove trimmer line or debris that may be entangled on the motor shaft to ensure that the Core CGT400 Trimmer is efficient. You start by removing the head from the motor shaft by rotating the bump head until the slot in the plastic line guard is matched with the matching slot in the lower motor casting. Insert a screwdriver into the slots in the casing and the plastic line guard. The motor shaft will be locked. Turn the bump head clockwise until you remove it from the motor shaft. After cleaning the bump head, lock the motor shaft and thread the bump head onto the shaft by turning it counter clockwise.

You can adjust the lower handle to suit your comfort needs. Unfasten the screws holding the handle onto the outer trimmer shaft so that the handle can rotate freely. After adjusting the handle as you desire, tighten the screws. Take care not to tighten the screws too much to avoid breaking the clamp.

Is the cutting head single line, or dual?

The head type is a dual line feed bump with 7,000 RPM Speed /5,000 RPM Torque and comfortably holds 20 feet of 0.095 diameter line. The dual-mode controls allows you to decide on the battery usage by choosing either maximum power or maximum battery life.

How does the Core CGT400 Trimmer feel?

For guys, this weed eater feels way much lighter than gas powered whackers. Not many ladies can work with it for long, though. The long shaft (about 66 inches) is partially accountable for the weight of the trimmer. The trimmer is perfectly balanced and the soft comfort grip handle helps in controlling it.

How strong is the Core CGT400 Trimmer?

This motor is powerful and quiet, but not very good for heavy trimming jobs or large yards. It cuts through tall grass and overgrown weeds though the grass may be entangled in the gap between the motor and the line housing. To avoid the trimmer slowing down when working on thick grass and overgrown weeds, choose the “more power” option to get the job done.

How long does the battery last?

Core trimmer batteries have a run-time which is equal to a tank of gas. The motor produces less vibrations and noise, thus the long run-time of the battery.


The Core GGT400 is our absolute favorite cordless weed eater.

Dewalt DCSt920P1 Review

Experience High End Trimming with robust Dewalt DCSt920P1 

You always love to have a clean and trimmed lawn. The unnecessary weeds carpeting the lawn simply destroys the natural beauty. But trimming it regularly with a scissor somewhat puts you in a great manual pressure. However now it is time to think more pragmatically and scientifically. To live up to your expectation the Dewalt DCSt920P1 is just the best option to discover. No hectic, no labor , simply a tussle free trimming in a blinking of the eyes.

Some important specifications:


The trimmer weighs only fourteen pounds so that you can carry it easily though not effortlessly.

Along with that you will get a battery having 20v MAX volt. Moreover, it is a lithium-ion battery having an ampere of 5.0 Ah which is again great in terms of performance.

Easy to assemble

The string trimmer comes with accessories like a charger, ion battery, guard and auxiliary handles.  A user manual guide is also enclosed to simplify the entire assembling task.

It does not feel heavy

Once you pick up the Dewalt DCSt920P1 , you would see that compared to other trimmer tool, it is quite light weight. Furthermore the padded handles are can to the users comfort and ability. You can easily adjust the shaft and rotate it according to your need.

Completely balanced

Buyers often ponder is the trimmer well- balanced.   You can surely feel the better once you use it because it exerts only 8.5 ib so that the user can comfortably maneuver it. At the same time, they don’t feel any external pressure as well.

Cutting head with bump feed

Additionally , the 0.080inches line dual cutting head makes it a super choice of every household. Moreover, you would discover a bump feeding system which can easily cut through weeds with the help of a thirteen inch length cutting swath.

Longevity of the trimmer

The durable motor in the brushless motor trimmer will serve you for three years at a stretch. In fact , compared to others the lifespan of these trimmers are quite appreciable.

Strong and durable

This is again one of the reasons why Dewalt DCSt920P1 becomes the ultimate choice. It is just because it performs flawlessly with great speed. Additionally the gear drive gives high end torque. On the top of that the robust brush less motor makes it more efficient and skillful. The durable metal gear case, surely eases out the work. In fact, neither of the parts are flexible. Moreover, the shaft is tightly adjusted so that you can use it comfortably.

Time to explore the Dewalt DCSt920P1, it is extremely new and revolutionary for garden lovers. Trim it as long as you want. It’s comfortable length, running time, speed, look and quality, of course compel the user to fall in love with it. Thus, you can say that it simply returns you the best in terms of money. Therefore this time have it in your garden as well.

Makita XRU07Z Trimmer Review


With regard to the specifications of the Makita XRU07Z trimmer, perhaps it is a good idea to start with the general product weight. At 11.9 pounds this unit is not especially lightweight, but at the same time it certainly does not feel excessively heavy or cumbersome during use. Actually, it feels like it has the perfect amount of weight to avoid feeling flimsy and cheap. At a voltage rating of 36 volts, this is a lawn trimmer which definitely has enough power to muscle through even thick, dense grasses and leafy plants with relative ease.


The batteries which are compatible with this trimmer are Lithium ion batteries, and Makita generally recommends that users of this trimmer have two batteries on hand because two charged batteries is roughly equivalent to one hour of continuous use with this trimmer

Ease of Assembly

Assembling the Makita XRU07Z trimmer was not terribly difficult to accomplish, though I will admit that the owner’s manual was definitely lacking in terms of being able to provide clear assembly instructions. The only difficulty I seemed to encounter while assembling this unit was the alignment of multiple small parts which were not clearly marked in the directions. After a short time I figured out how to correctly align the parts, and everything functioned just as it was supposed to with no further issues or complications.

Type of Cutting Head

Featuring an outer-rotor, brush-less motor drive system, it is easy to get a high degree of power and motor output from this trimmer by Makita. There is a direct drive motor integrated into the design of this trimmer, and it mounts directly onto the trimmer head to increase overall tool balance and work efficiency. I have found that this cutting head design is sufficient for any lawn and garden projects I throw at it.

Automatic Feed Design

Instead of an annoying bump feed design, which always seems to over-extend new output of trimming wire, this system offers an automatic feed design. I tend to like that much better than old bump feed models I have had, which always seemed to annoy me because of how they would always over extend the spooling every time I bumped the head of the trimmer.

Weight Distribution and Balance

Overall I would say that the Makita XRU07Z trimmer is built with better than average weight balancing, although I will admit that most of the product’s weight is focused in the top handle and the bottom motor/trimmer assembly. The shaft connecting the two ends of this trimmer is extremely lightweight, so the operator tends to only feel the weight on each respective end which is not a problem at all. Even though I enjoy the balance on this trimmer, I like things a bit heavier so perhaps I would have added a couple pounds toward strengthening the shaft on this trimmer if I was the one designing it.

Battery Life

I was not extremely impressed by the battery life with this Makita trimmer, but then again, the battery life is fairly standard for this type of electric trimmer unit. The batteries which are compatible with this trimmer are 18V LXT 5.0Ah BL 1850 batteries, and while using two of these I can generally get about one hour of continuous work out of this trimmer. Although the use duration might have been a bit more attractive with my old gas trimmer, nothing compared to how clean, quiet, and smoothly my new electric Makita XRU07Z trimmer runs.

Overall Strength and Durability of Product

At first I was a little bit skeptical of the durability of this trimmer after I had initially assembled it, but it only took a couple uses to figure out that I was dealing with a well-balanced, high quality electric trimmer. I never felt that I had purchased a bad trimmer, but I have to admit it seemed a little flimsy at first. That assumption has been proven wrong quite clearly by now, and I am now of the opinion that this Makita trimmer is a strong, durable, and reliable lawn and garden maintenance product.


Worx WG175 String Trimmer Review


Worx WG175 is a cordless trimmer powered by a 32V, 2.0 AMP lithium-ion battery without self-discharge. Its ergonomic design allows users to operate it without getting overly tired. It was mad under strict safety conditions to make sure that it doesnt harm you when using it.

Ease of assembly

This trimmer might present a challenge for some people during initial assembly but that is no cause for alarm because it will work if you are keen and have some patience to spare. This trimmer’s height is adjustable and it is also worth noting that once assembled, this trimmer easily converts to an in-line edger within seconds to serve you even better.

Is the cutting head single line or dual?

This lightweight trimmer is a single line that ensures you focus on the job and not the machine. Generous 12-inch cutting diameter on the Worx WG175 allows operators to cover more ground within a short amount of time.

Is it bump head or automatic feed?

It is also an automatic feed which simply speeds up the task as you don’t have to keep stopping to feed the line yourself. While this is a major advantage it could also pose a problem especially in some awkward cases when enough line doesn’t feed.

Does it feel heavy or balanced?

The Worx 175 is a lot lighter than other models at only 5-7 pounds. It has less vibration than models powered by gas meaning that it will feel more balanced as you operate it. You will also enjoy the quick release lever for faster telescopic height adjustments to the tilting shaft.

How long does the battery last?

Worx WG175 is powered by a battery that gives you about 35 minute’s run-time. This means that you have to take a break from trimming every half hour, which can be quite the hassle if you want to finish a section quickly. Rather than wait 2hrs for the battery to charge, some people opt to buy an extra one that will ensure faster completion of tasks.

It is strong?

Being battery powered means that this trimmer is not as strong as its electric or gas powered counterparts but that doesn’t mean it is able to do a decent job. Whatever this model lacks in strength is made up for in the fact that this trimmer can actually do three jobs. Its 3 in 1 functions include trimming, edging and even mowing.

This cordless battery powered grass string trimmer is everything you need if you can stand the charging is superbly quiet meaning that you won’t be bothering your neighbors each time your lawn needs trimming. The fact that it is lightweight is a great addition that saves you from exhaustion. Worx 175 trimmer comes with a user manual to guide beginners into proper usage that guarantees proper and safer management of their grass.

Overall Impression

With Worx WG175 you might not enjoy the perks of a gas powered model but it sure packs less noise and pollution potential. It is certainly the right, light, comfortable and durable trimmer you want to do a great job without annoying your neighbors.


Worx WG190 String Trimmer Review


Though there was some skepticism at first after spotting a few negative reviews, I was keen to try the Worx WG190 as I have never had a cordless trimmer before, and thought that having a battery powered trimmer would enable more agility when I was sprucing up the garden. With a 48-volt battery, a gas-like throttle control, adjustable handle and a pull out metal guide, I was keen to try out the Worx WG190 string trimmer. Taking away the smell of gas when gardening, this no gas yet gas-like throttle control maximizes usability time when trimming different lengths and in different conditions. The Worx WG190 has an impressive 13-inch cutting diameter, plus a rotating head for edging, it seems to be the ultimate product for trimming gardens.

Setup and Assembly

The initial set-up of the Worx WG190 did not require any previous knowledge of this model or any other trimmers for that matter, as the parts snap together. It would be easy to assemble even for a beginner, and therefore doesn’t take very long to assemble.

Cutting Head and Autofeed
With a single line cutting head the Worx WG190 avoids any bump issues when using it through a thick weeds patch or similar. Though a dual line cutting head can provide a better cut in that it can handle weeds better, it still did a good job of the garden.
The autofeed works a real treat, as instead of having to focus on the length of the string, you can pay attention to what you are indeed trimming – avoiding your planted treasures and trimming on the grass or weeds! An autofeed also speeds up the process of trimming your garden, and when you are able to focus more on the task in hand, you’re able to finish with a more professional look, which is something you can get from using this trimmer.


With ease of use key to any gardener, this lighter trimmer provides a much more agile experience when working around the garden. The balanced weight of it makes it more comfortable to use than previous models or other types of trimmers, and the adjustable handle is a great feature for not only extra personal customisation but also for reaching trickier areas. At around 8 pounds, it’s easier to use and carry for long periods of time.

Battery Life

With most of the previous versions having some troubles with the battery life, the updated battery for the Worx WG190 has a high capacity 48-volt battery, making it last longer than expected. It also has a handy low battery indicator, great for avoiding getting half a garden done before your trimmer suddenly runs out of juice. The battery charger that comes with it recharges it quickly, another useful feature for the Worx WG190.


The Worx WG190 has the capability and power to trim whatever is in your path, and with the maneuverability of the lighter weight and cordless product, it can pretty much handle anything. Though it may be light it is still a strong trimmer, and is very much able to put the professional touch to any lawn.

Worx WG191 Review


The Worx WG191 weighs 13.89 lbs and is a lithium battery powered electric start trimmer coming in a total of 56 volts and operates at 2.0 amp/hr. There is no additional battery included, neither is a shoulder harness. Assembly for this product is required and it does not have antivibration nor is it capable of attachments.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts me about 45 minutes at constant use. This is enough for me to whack anything I need in my yard and I gain the convenience of not pulling around a cord or using gas to power the Worx WG191. Unfortunately the charge time takes a while if you needed it for long time maybe more than the 45 minutes of constant operation, and there is no backup battery that comes with it.

Is it easy to assemble?

The product overall was not a hassle to assemble at all and I was able to put it together myself in just a quick few steps.

Is the cutting head single line, or dual?

The cutting head of the Worx WG191 is a single line, but it does not sacrifice any maneuverability as it pivots a full 90 degrees. It is actually quite amazing how this product manages to cut such a variety of terrains and can be used for so many purposes. The trimmer even can quickly be converted to a wheeled edger so that you can edge your lawn more precisely. The quality of the edging comes out to be quite professional looking and I was very satisfied.

Is it a bump head, or automatic feed?

This product actually comes with a command feed system that allows the line to advance as you need it and there is no bumping or unnecessary wait for the line to advance.

Does it feel heavy? Does it feel balanced?

The Worx WG191 actually does not feel heavy, especially when compared to other gas trimmer which can weigh considerably more. The balance is not in question either, as it seems to be very easily held and the weight of the machine is very easy to bear. I have not had any issues when it comes to comfort in using this product. I feel like I can use it all day long and I would not get tired, and it certainly does not feel unbalanced.

Is it strong?

I was skeptical at first when switching from my gas powered weed-eater, but the Worx WG191 gets the job done in a good way without a significant loss to power. Granted, obviously the gas powered options are stronger than this product, but the Worx WG191 is lighter and is still strong enough to accomplish any of my lawn care needs for a whacker.


Overall, the Worx WG191 is a fine product and I would love to recommend it to other consumers. I would give it 5/5 stars as I am very impressed with its adaptability and maneuverability, all the while allowing me to free myself from unnecessary power cords or gas consumption.