Core CGT400 Trimmer: The best weed-eater


Having a beautiful garden or lawn is the desire of every homeowner. However, a beautiful garden without proper tools for its maintenance is of less use. Purchasing a good weed-eater is important in ensuring that the garden is maintained in its best condition.

The Core CGT400 Trimmer is a reliable weed-eater and has many advantages over other weed whackers. The battery powered string trimmer is lighter than gas powered whackers. It weighs 8 pounds without a power cell and around 11 pounds when the power cell is installed. With this weight, the whacker is preferred to other hefty weed-eaters though there are still people who find it a little heavy for them. It comes with a high energy power cell that can produce 20.7 volts. This energy is comparable to that of two cycle engines commonly used for some professional and consumer outdoor power equipment.

Is it easy to assemble?

Assembling the Core CGT400 Trimmer involves simple steps. Use the Core power charger supplied together with the trimmer to charge the 20.7V power cell. A 1 hour Rapid charger or 3 hour standard Charger is available. When you connect the charger to the power source, the red and green LED’s will turn on. After connecting the power cell to the charger, the green LED will turn to orange indicating that the charger is ready to supply charge to the battery. When the battery is fully charged, the orange LED will turn to green again. Disconnect the battery from the charger.

Install the power cell correctly into the matching cavity in the rear of the upper cowling of the trimmer. Make sure the “TOP” label on the battery faces upwards. The locking latch will produce a clicking sound when the battery is properly installed.

At times you may need to remove trimmer line or debris that may be entangled on the motor shaft to ensure that the Core CGT400 Trimmer is efficient. You start by removing the head from the motor shaft by rotating the bump head until the slot in the plastic line guard is matched with the matching slot in the lower motor casting. Insert a screwdriver into the slots in the casing and the plastic line guard. The motor shaft will be locked. Turn the bump head clockwise until you remove it from the motor shaft. After cleaning the bump head, lock the motor shaft and thread the bump head onto the shaft by turning it counter clockwise.

You can adjust the lower handle to suit your comfort needs. Unfasten the screws holding the handle onto the outer trimmer shaft so that the handle can rotate freely. After adjusting the handle as you desire, tighten the screws. Take care not to tighten the screws too much to avoid breaking the clamp.

Is the cutting head single line, or dual?

The head type is a dual line feed bump with 7,000 RPM Speed /5,000 RPM Torque and comfortably holds 20 feet of 0.095 diameter line. The dual-mode controls allows you to decide on the battery usage by choosing either maximum power or maximum battery life.

How does the Core CGT400 Trimmer feel?

For guys, this weed eater feels way much lighter than gas powered whackers. Not many ladies can work with it for long, though. The long shaft (about 66 inches) is partially accountable for the weight of the trimmer. The trimmer is perfectly balanced and the soft comfort grip handle helps in controlling it.

How strong is the Core CGT400 Trimmer?

This motor is powerful and quiet, but not very good for heavy trimming jobs or large yards. It cuts through tall grass and overgrown weeds though the grass may be entangled in the gap between the motor and the line housing. To avoid the trimmer slowing down when working on thick grass and overgrown weeds, choose the “more power” option to get the job done.

How long does the battery last?

Core trimmer batteries have a run-time which is equal to a tank of gas. The motor produces less vibrations and noise, thus the long run-time of the battery.


The Core GGT400 is our absolute favorite cordless weed eater.