A Review of the Troy Bilt TB 525

Troy Bilt TB 525 Review

Our review of the Troy Bilt TB 525 touches on a lot of the factors that we use to evaluate weed eaters and brushcutters.

The Troy Bilt TB 525 EC Curve Shaft string trimmer is a four-cycle gas trimmer that can handle all kinds of attachments. This choice uses a dual line and a setup that makes it easier for you to reload the trimmer head as necessary. You can use this gas-powered option to help you out with trimming a variety of spaces all around.

Physical Features

The TB 525 is about fifteen pounds in weight. This is rather heavy in that much of its weight is distributed around the back area where the motor is.  Most 4 cycle engines are heavier than their 2 cycle counterparts.  This is the trade off for better emissions and not having to mix fuel and oil. The weight does requires you to keep a good hold on the unit.

This does not come with a harness but it does have a D-loop design for its handle. This is located in the middle to give you a little more control over it and how you are holding onto the trimmer. This handle does not have any padding materials on its body, so that adds to the vibration and the “creature comforts”.  Some aftermarket foam padding might be a good idea if you plan on running the TB 525 for more than an hour.

How It Works

The 29cc four-cycle engine on the gas trimmer is built to run with a cleaner body. This produces less noise and exhaust than most other models. You will not need to use any earmuffs when using this. It should not be all that hot either.

This uses more power while using fewer RPMs than most other models. Therefore, it creates fewer vibrations than what you might find elsewhere. This in turn results in a stronger body when used right.

Usage Points

This is very easy to start up and will not be all that complicated for your use. It can work with a traditional starting mechanism but you can use the JumpStart electric start adapter if you prefer.

This can work for about 30 minutes at a time with a fuel tank of fuel. The unit is very easy to refuel when needed. It is especially easy to handle as it will not use far too much fuel at a time, thus allowing it to last longer enough for a typical day’s worth of work.

The line will not be tangled far too easily. The mechanism also allows you to open up the casing on the inside to help you get the thread adjusted when needed. This can work quickly and effortlessly to get your spool organized.

Long Term Care

The long term care that Troy Bilt are especially important. The company always works hard when getting the machine fixed and treated as needed. The company also offers an online service where you can order replacement parts as needed. This is for times when you might need some help with getting a machine fixed or maintained the right way.   However if you read any of the reviews, there are a good amount of happy customers but plenty of angry customers.

The warranty program offered by Troy Bilt is an especially important point. The warranty works for about two years and will be good for coverage on regular use. This includes use that has not entailed you using anything other than what Troy Bilt has offered while also using this only for the purposes that this machine was designed for.


This is a decent 4 cycle trimmer when it is working, but there are other models that are just as good.