Review – Is The Remington RM2520 Gas Trimmer Worth Investing In?

Remington RM250 gas trimmer ReviewThe Remington RM250 gas trimmer is among the common gas-powered trimmers in the market. It is taunted as a good solution for those looking trim their hedges, cut grass, manicure their lawns, trim trees and bushes and many other functions. It can accommodate a range of attachments that turn it into a hedge trimmer, cultivator, branch pruner, blower and mower. However, is this trimmer as good as the manufacturer claims? (Check our guide on weed eaters)

Weighing about 10lbs and measuring 38.25 x 12.37 x 11.25 inches, the trimmer feels light on the hands. It can be used continuously without the user feeling bogged down by its weight. Unfortunately, it doesn’t feature a harness which could have made it even more manageable and user-friendly. The weight of the gas trimmer seems fairly distributed though it feels that more of its weight is towards the back. But thanks to the D-loop, it is easy to control the weight even in the absence of a harness.

The RM250 trimmer features a non-adjustable plastic handle that provides good grip during use and is soft on the fingers. This minimizes the possibility of cramps or aches on the finger joints. Though it lacks any anti-vibration technology, the vibration from the cutter is mild and so is the noise generated. You don’t have to put-on ear mufflers to block off the noise. It is CARB compliant meaning the noise and emission levels are within the acceptable standards.

Being gas-driven, the Remington RM250 features an exhaust that allows the fumes to escape when in operation. The exhaust is located in a safe area that reduces the possibility of the user accidentally touching it or getting burnt during use. The 10 oz gas tank allows the RM250 to operate continuously for 30 minutes or even more. However, it may get quite hot when cutting through course grass, thick bushes, or tough tree branches.

Powered by a strong 25cc, 2-stroke motor, the Remington RM250 gas trimmer is regarded as a multi-tasker. Using the right attachments will turn it into a cultivator, grass cutter, hedge trimmer, weed remover, bush cutter and more. It can be used on the lawn, walkways, hedges, garden, field and other situations.

The gas trimmer is powered up manually and will start easily courtesy of Remington’s QuickStart Technology. This is boosted by the advanced bump line system that allows fuel to flow fast. Re-threading the machine incase the line runs out is not very complicated and can be done by anyone.However, you need to be extra careful to avoid doing it the wrong way.

The gas trimmer head is not replaceable and care should be given when handling and operating the device. Remington offers a fairly-good support network for parts and service and the policy on return is 30 days. The trimmer also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

The trimmer scores well in regard to weight, versatility, built-quality and service backup. However, it shouldn’t be used for very long periods as it gets pretty hot. Also, the 10oz fuel tank can only last for so long and controlling it without harnesses may put a strain on the user’s body. All-in-all, any person looking for a simple, no fuss and reliable domestic trimmer will find the Remington RM250 gas trimmer a good choice.