A Look At the Poulan Pro PP 966774301 Review

Poulan Pro PP 966774301 Review

The Poulan Pro PP 966774301 is a good four-cycle gas-powered trimmer. This helps you to cut all sorts of tough spots all around your yard. It is a good option that can especially be easy to maintain and start up as necessary.  (For an idea of how we look at these things, check out our weed eater guide)

Physical Features

This trimmer weighs about 13 pounds and has a bit of a heavy feeling to it, especially when compared to the typical 2 Cycle gas trimmers.  The better emissions and less smelly exhaust comes from using the 4 cycle engine. Like most trimmers, most of the weight is on the back part where the motor and chain pull ignition feature are featured.

This means that you will need to be cautious when trying to balance it.

This model does not have a harness for easy carrying. The D-loop on the middle is used as the key handle. This is close to the middle of its body to help you with carrying it around quite well. The handle does not have any padding on it as it is made with a standard plastic body.  If you plan on using this for more than a hour, we recommend getting some padding for the handle and a harness.

Noise and Control

The Poulan Pro PP trimmer does vibrate although the vibrations are not all that strong as compared to a typical 2 stroke. Also, it does generate a bit of noise. so it would be a good idea to wear earmuffs.

The exhaust on this trimmer is rather minimal and should not get in your way. However, it can smell if you get a little too close to use.


The trimmer has a powerful motor mated to a good shaft that can create faster cutting speeds when compared with electric trimmers. This can easily get through thicker weeds and can also cut through bigger vegetation spots. However, it might struggle with some spaces if they are far too dense.

Other Usage Points

It can take about fifteen to thirty minutes for the fuel to run out. It is easy to get into the fuel container on the unit though. Also, this is very easy to start with a pull cord that works quickly. It especially works faster if the engine is already warm and has been properly primed.

The semi-automatic line is designed to where it will not become loose or worn out easily. However, it can also be replaced and cleaned off as needed. Still, when it is in use, it will not get into a series of annoying knobs or other bends that might keep it from working well.

Long Term Care

The Poulan Pro PP trimmer is supported by a company that offers plenty of solutions for cases where its products might wear out for any reason. Poulan offers plenty of technicians around the country that can help with repairing its many items.

The warranty on this trimmer is good for two years. This warranty only covers damages that might have come about from product defects. It also covers those that have happened during the normal usage of this product. Therefore, people will have to be careful when using this to ensure that they don’t use it incorrectly or try to adjust it in some way.


This is a decent model from Poulan Pro.  It’s offered in this straight shaft configuration as well as the curved shaft configuration.


Poulan Pro PP428C Trimmer: A Review

Poulan Pro PP428C ReviewThe Poulan Pro PP428C with a 17 inch cutting width is designed and manufactured by US-based power-tool makers and is a reasonably popular four-cycle gas curved shafter trimmer for lawns. Four cycle trimmers have more efficient and powerful engines to slice through thick, tall grass and weeds with ease. The question is whether the 428C delivers. Be sure to check out our buyer’s guide on weed eaters. Here’s a look at the factors that could influence your buying decision for the PP428C.



One of the advantages of upgrading to this trimmer after having used a 2-cycle machine is that you won’t have to mix oil and fuel, as is the case with 2-cycle trimmers. But the 28cc Poulan Pro PP428C weighs a whopping 13.1 pounds, which is heavier than most 2-cycle trimmers. Some users have complained that using it for prolonged periods has led to backaches, after having been used to 2-cycle trimmers. However, most other 4-cycle trimmers of 28cc to 30 cc capacity engines weigh between 13 and 14 pounds. It feels on the heavy side when in use for an hour or longer, due to the unbalanced weight of the design. It doesn’t come with a harness or shoulder strap, but the user should consider buying one to reduce strain when using the unit.

The thin grip and wrap-around D-loop handle is designed to give the user control over the machine. There is no padding on the handle, it is plain plastic. Users who purchase the brush-cutting attachment will get a J-handle and shoulder strap with the attachment that will make working with the machine easier. Users have not reported heavy vibration or unreasonably loud noise during operation. The exhaust also does not get unduly hot or smelly.


Assembly and priming of the machine is easy though users have had various experiences with starting it. Some machines start quickly without a hitch while others take some time to work well the first time because of low idle speed at factory settings.

Good machines restart on the first or second pull when cold, and when re-starting, on the first pull when warm. The operation is powerful and strong enough to eat through 2-feet tall Johnson grass, weeds, clover etc. It also doesn’t torque during use like many 2-cycle trimmers do. The Poulan Pro has a semi-automatic bump head feed rather instead of an automatic line feed. However re-threading the machine is not easy when the line runs out (the machine comes with 25 feet of line). This may be because the machine was designed with too small a string diameter for the string slots in the head, so the string unravels often while threading the plastic spool. The trimmer easily runs over 30 minutes and more on a single charge and without refueling.


Customer care for Poulan Pro is notoriously poor, and the company typically refers customers to authorized repair shops that carry out warranty repairs for faulty machines. Be careful to use as advised so as not to void warranty and give the company a chance to refuse repairs. The Poulan Pro comes with a warranty of 2 years, which can be extended by 2 additional years.


The Verdict

The Poulan Pro trimmer is for users who want to avoid mixing fuel and gas, or tuning 2-cycle trimmers, and have small to medium sized yards. For larger areas, the trimmer can seem too heavy and unbalanced to use for long periods. Its long and curved shaft may be difficult for shorter individuals and shorter women to use comfortably, though it does make reaching under bushes and around rocks easy. Overall, it is not the best trimmer in the market but the large gas tank and thicker line allows it to cut any kind of weed or grass in its way with fewer passes.